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I work with chaos!  That’s right, I said it – chaos!  Some people need peace and calm to create while I love chaos as I grab, throw, dance, drawing and all the other things I do while I paint!  My work is all about taking risk and seeing where the risk and the adventure will take you.  Why not take risks?  Everyone needs some risk and adventure in their lives, it is good for your soul!

Someone once said to me when I was learning to paint many years ago that there should not be a place in a painting that was too precious to still work on.  While others stop at precious, I blow right past and keep going looking for the balance that speaks to me.  It might be only a few layers away but it is often found on layer 40 plus. I have had people say “you are so free with your approach to painting, it looks so liberating.”  Art is about exploration and if something doesn’t work out with this exploration of color, texture, etc., I can just paint over it giving my painting a much more interesting effect further down the road.  I love for people to step in and look closely at my paintings and say, “wow where did that come from.”  It is all from my process driven paintings that are built from layers of paint, collage, and drawing repeated over and over.  I let the layers tell me where they want to go and what they want to be.  Ultimately, I pull all the chaos together to create a beautiful colorful, textured piece of art.

I am a instructor at the Workhouse Arts Center teaching mixed media painting.  I also offer color consulting and love to work with designers placing my art in their clients locations.

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